Simply Italian

Just caught up on Channel 4′s new Italian cooking show; Simply Italian. And it’s quite simply, brilliant! I’ve always been scared of making fresh pasta (don’t I need posh – and expensive – contraptions to make it?! Oh, I can’t be bothered) and so have avoided it. But the first part of this programme (presented by Michela Chiappa and her sisters) tells you that all you need is: 100g of flour to 1 egg.

That’s it.

The technique seems to be pretty straight forward too (i’ll update this post once i’ve tried it for myself! Haha!). Great recipes in the first episode, which I will definitely be trying out!

Recipes and more info can be found on the Channel 4 website – click here

Simply Italian is on Channel 4, Mondays at 8.30pm (available on 4OD and catch up TV too)


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